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My Approach

Alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation, or creation through the combining of elements. This is not your average therapeutic experience.  Through alchemy, I bring together a blend of elements and expertise, including but not limited to: 

  • the trauma of oppression

  • relational psychodynamics 

  • decolonizing internalized capitalism & White supremacy 

  • healing inter-generational trauma

  • ritual and ancient tradition of the disapora

  • mindfulness & conscious movement


The Alchemy can be applied to create a way out of suffering; and often the only way out is through. Through feeling deeply, speaking truth to power & finding your authentic voice, through Spirit, through political education, through unpacking inter-generational legacies of trauma.

Each healing experience is curated to honor the totality of each being and their innate healing wisdom. 

My Approach
[The Alchemy]

"Be easy.  
Take your time.  
You are coming home to yourself
-Nayyirah Waheed


"Naimah approached me as a real person, not as a client or patient, but as a person.  Not as someone that needed fixing, or who had x,y,z diagnosis.  That has stuck with me throughout our work together.  As a Black, differently abled queer woman, Naimah has helped me see myself as someone who has power and agency and a voice.  She has affirmed my life and strength as a survivor, and that it is ok not to be ok sometimes, and that I have the power to heal myself and moreover, that I deserve to be healed and whole."

—  ED, she/her/hers

ungoveranable conci

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -Steven Biko

The current political climate demands that we name and hold steadfast to that which remains ungovernable; our minds, our thoughts, our beliefs and the actions that are guided by them.

Reclaim liberation and freedom by saying that your consciousness can not be governed and that you will take actions and make investments, of your time, energy and resources that reflect that.  Become a part of a larger movement to keep safe the final frontier, our minds, our individual and collective conscious.

For more details and information on the Ungovernable Consciousness Project email:



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