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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."


"Yoga is the quieting of the fluctuations of the mind."


"Letting go is the hardest Asana."

Mindfulness Meditation
Liberatory Yoga

#FreeToo is a healing justice initiative for cultivating intentional, interdependent community and political spaces for Black, Indigenous and People of Color who've survived systemic violence and their impact on our communities.  The initiative was founded by Naimah Efia, and is co-stewarded by brilliant folks who are deeply committed to the healing, dignity and power of BIPOC survivors.  

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I've been supporting yoga institutions, leaders, and communities who are seeking a transformative culture and praxis in the spaces that they hold.  One that integrates social justice, activism, community care and accountability into the ways in which they bring yoga to the world. To learn more about current training and ongoing immersive offerings, or to create a customized plan for integrating anti-oppressive praxis into your yoga community contact:


Design a practice that aligns with your community, your history, your present and your future.  Affinity group practices can be a liberating way to step into community and communion with the medicine of yoga.  To explore designing customized practice spaces and/or to tailor and enhance the spaces you are already cultivating, please contact:

Naimah visions & co-creates healing spaces for BIPOC survivors, centering our healing and liberation.  These spaces aspire to honor the origins of the #metoo movement, as well as legacies of healing justice, community-organizing and intervention around sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and gender-based violence, created and sustained by Black women, LBGTQ community, and people of color occupying intersectional experiences of marginalization.  #FreeToo amplifies our right to be seen living boldly, courageously and free!  We uplift and bring visibility to our interdependent healing as communities of care, who empower and honor ourselves, one another, and our journeys beyond survival.


Naimah offers mindfulness practices as an element of individual and group offerings, as well as within workshop and  training experiences.  All mindfulness practices are also available as independent healing experiences and liberatory practices.


"Create a life that holds abundance on all sides.  Inhale the gifts that reside within you and in every moment; exhale that which is not aligned with your highest self & the call on your life."

Breathwork is a practice that reminds us of our humanity and the nourishment that we can offer ourselves in any given moment.


"Your existence is art.  Thank you for being here & continuing to paint the canvas with your magic."

"Your presence here is a gift, not only to be lived; it is to be celebrated."

"You deserve love; you deserve to be nourished; to be seen."

Meditations & Mantras

"Sanctuary can be found and fostered within the being; within the self.  You can always return home again.  You belong."

For more information on the practices of affirmations, the affirmations deck, or to create your own practice contact

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